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The work is performative in nature. Please spend time on each page exploring and observing what it has to offer. Spend time listening to all the audio bytes and watch the videos that are a part of the website for a holistic experience. 

Explore each page on your screen by moving the pointer around, over the different objects and elements presented, to discover their function or where they might take you. Use the buttons on each page to help guide you through the work. 


Avoid using the browser’s back button and follow the buttons on the site instead to fully experience the work in the intended manner. Some links might take you to a new window to experience a part of the project in another web location. Once you have explored this, please return to the main project window. 

This website is designed for optimal viewing and experience on your laptop or desktop. Please avoid viewing the site on your phone or tablet. 

Please check your browsers Audio Settings if there is no audio playback on the website. 

Warning: The following website contains flashing images, text and colours.

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